About me

I make a living playing guitar - I have played 200+ gigs a year for 20 years. I have done this by being professional, having a great attitude, being able to play diverse styles - and by being a great guitarist!


- Bachelors of Arts in Classical Guitar Performance in 1995 from The University of Arizona.

  1. -I received Tucson Jazz Society’s Young Artist Award in 1995.

  1. -The TAMMIES (Tucson Area Music Awards) have awarded me numerous times including Best Traditional Jazz Artist in 2000 & 2008 and Best Guitarist in 2008.

- I was nominated for the 2002 Arizona Arts Award (a $24,000 award), the state’s largest unrestricted award to an individual artist.


  1. -I was featured HERE in the Tucson Weekly in October 2002.

  1. -I was featured on PBS television on Arizona Illustrated in August 2003.

  1. -I was featured on KUAZ radio (a NPR station) on Arizona Spotlight in October 2006.

  1. -I was featured HERE on Brian Gerstens’ Tucson Harmony Blog in April 2011.

  1. -I have performed at many Tucson Jazz Society events from 1994-present including the popular Tucson Jazz Guitar Festival (2000-05).

  1. -I have performed with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra and the Tucson Pops Orchestra many times.

  1. -I performed at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. on July 4, 2005 with Grammy nominee Vince Redhouse.

  1. -I have been a judge at various University of Arizona classical guitar competitions.

  1. -I have performed with many visiting jazz artists including Rob Brown, Bob Mover, Nancy Kelly, Greg Abate, Todd Johnson, Harvey Brooks, Rick Braun, Philippe Saisse, Joshua Breakstone, Marc Pompe, Greg Fishman & Judy Roberts and Warren Chaison.

  1. -I have opened for jazz guitar greats Herb Ellis, Charlie Hunter, Angelo Debarre and Stanley Jordan.

  1. -I have performed with comedians Rich Little and Don Rickles.

Don Rickles tore into me onstage, and blessed me with a great publicity quote: “...what is this guy, retarded? He must’ve learned how to play guitar in an institution!”